Classical Period

Aphrodite of KnidosAphrodite of Knidos
This is one of the best bad copies that we have of the original masterpiece made by Praxiteles for the city of Knidos, in 364 BC. Together with the Satyr are considered the best works of Praxiteles.
According to Pliny the Aphrodite of Knidos was the finest statue ever appeared in the world.  

Satyr of Praxiteles
This is a copy, of one of the best works of Praxiteles, which we are not certain that represents his original work.
The Satyr, for which Praxiteles was very proud, was displayed at the street of Tripods in Athens.
Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome.

Apollo SavroctonosApollo Savroctonos
Copy of the original statue made by Praxiteles, which has many similarities with Satyros.
The god was keeping in his right hand an arrow, which is missing here.
Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome.