The Stronghold

the stronghold

The Lion gate

Palace side of the Lion gate
Within the citadel were various houses of retainers. The most imposing, “the house of the columns,” rose to three stories in height. South of the grave circle lie the ruins of the “ramp house,” the “south house,” and the “house of Tsountas.”

shaft grave circle

shaft graves

“the granary”

Another building, known as “the granary,” from the carbonized barley, wheat, and vetches found in its basement, was erected in the 13th century BC between the Cyclopean citadel wall and one of the grave circles and continued in use up to the destruction of the city by fire about 1100 BC.

Text from the Encyclopedia Britannica

the Palace site

model of the Palace layout

wall panel of the Palace

fresco painting

conception of the original art

view from the stronghold across the site and countryside