The gods

The gods in ancient Greco-Roman free-standing sculpture.

S1.1 Zeus
S1.2 Zeus
S1.3 Zeus
(Jupiter Verospi)
S1.4 Zeus
(Jupiter Tonans)
S1.5 Zeus
S2.1 Poseidon
(of Artemisium)
S2.2 Poseidon
(of Melos)
S2.3 Poseidon
S3.1 Demeter
S3.2 Demeter
S3.3 Demeter
S3.4 Demeter
S3.5 Demeter
(Flora Maggiore)
S3.6 Demeter
(Demeter Athens)
S3.7 Demeter
(Demeter Cnidus)
S3.8 Demeter
S4.1 Hera
(Juno Barberini)
S4.2 Hera
(Juno Campana)
S4.3 Hera
S5.1 Apollon
(Apollo Belvedere)
S5.2 Apollon
(Apollo Sauroctone)
S5.3 Apollon
(Type de Cassel)
S5.4 Apollon
S5.5 Apollon
S5.6 Apollon
(Apollo Cithaorodos)
S5.7 Apollon
(Apollo Musagetes)
S5.8 Apollon
S5.9 Apollon
S5.10 Apollon
S5.11 Apollon
S5.12 Apollon
(Apollo of Veii)
S5.13 Apollon
S5.14 Apollon
S5.15 Apollon
S6.1 Artemis
(Diana of Versailles)
S6.2 Artemis
(Type Ephesian)
S6.3 Artemis
(Diana Rospigliosi)
S6.4 Artemis
S6.5 Artemis
(Diana de Gabies)
S6.6 Artemis
S6.7 Artemis
S6.8 Artemis
S6.9 Artemis
S6.10 Artemis
S6.11 Artemis
(Type Ephesian)
S6.12 Artemis
(Type Ephesian)
S6.13 Artemis
S7.1 Hephaistos
S8.1 Athena
(Athena Pacifique)
S8.2 Athena
S8.3 Athena
(Type Parthenos)
S8.4 Athena
(Ath. Hope-Farnese)
S8.5 Athena
(au serpent)
S8.6 Athena
(Athena Varvakeion)
S8.7 Athena
(Type Parthenos)
S8.8 Athena
(Pallas Velletri)
S8.9 Athena
(Athena Giustiniani)
S8.10 Athena
S8.11 Athena
S8.12 Athena
S8.13 Athena
S8.15 Athena
S8.16 Athena
S8.17 Athena
(Athena Severan)
S8.18 Athena
S9.1A Ares
(Mars Borghese)
S9.2 Ares
(Mars Ludovisi)
S9.3 Ares